Mini Moto Racing - Riders Only - Bring Your Own Bikes...

from ages 12 upwards

Minimoto's are not toys, they are true miniature Grand Prix racing Motorcycles. With speeds of 50 mph plus, the thrills of MotoGP racing, knee dragging turns and flat out straightaway runs just inches off the ground are guaranteed for your adrenaline pleasure. There are no gears, they use a centrifugal clutch, so all you have to do is concentrate on keeping your feet on the footpegs, and the bike pointing in the right direction!

Nottingham Raceway MiniMoto race events provide competitors with all the frills, spills and heated action of their bigger counterparts. At the end of the day you will always come away from Nottingham Raceway MiniMoto having had a good battle and whether it was for first or last position, the exhilaration will be the same. THIS IS what MiniMoto is all about!


Bring Your own bike:


10 - 5 . £15


6 - 9 . £10